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L’Ajuntament de Vilafranca del Penedès està aplicant un protocol preventiu d’actuació davant l'atual situació de crisi per risc de contagi de coronavirus (Covid-19) entre la població. Mantingueu-vos informats pels canals web i xarxes socials de fonts oficials, com són l'espai web específic de l'Ajuntament: i al canal Cat Salut.

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1st and 2nd September are the most relaxed days of the Festivity.

Above all the 1st September is a day devoted to the children and for that reason the “FESTIVITY OF THE CHILDREN” takes place. There the children who do not belong to any of the groups of the Town Festivity gather to imitate the adult groups - and they cooperate in the passacaglia and in the Vila Square celebrations. It is a small imitation of the “adult Town Festivity” which satisfies young and old people, as the proudly parents that watch their children parading the streets.
The folkloric groups do not perform, but there are many shows and acts all around the Vila. One of the most outstanding shows is the CORREFOC on 1st September. It is a wonderful display of fire and dance, which takes place in the most central streets of Vilafranca. The main characters are “The Devils and Ex devils of Vilafranca”.  

A spectacular FIREWORKS SHOW during the break of the CLOSING DANCE marks the end of the “most typical festivity of Catalonia”, on 2nd September.