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Throughout the 22nd and 23rd August there is LA CAPTA.
The Festivity administrators (five different people each year are responsible for the organisation) walk around the town selling the program cards, bearing Saint Felix’s image and some presents. The objective is to raise some money for the Festivity. They are accompanied by the Grallers, people who play the gralla, a high-pitch wind instrument used in many acts of the “Festivity” in combination with drums.

On the 22nd August takes place a NOVENA offered to St. Felix.
This is a religious and solemn act, which finishes with the GOIGS singing. They are sung by a group of people from Vilafranca and each year more and more people gather in the basilica to listen to them. The act takes place every day at 20:30 hours until St. Felix’s day.

Quite a recent event (it was celebrated for the first time in 1963) takes place on the 28th August.
This is the OPENING SPEECH of the town festivity, which gathers the whole town in St. Jaume I square after the end of the Novena. The people gathered love to hear all the activities announced by the person who inaugurates the festivities.